last updated: January 2024

    NLMTD - Business Design & Innovation Manager 

    Next to Pitchlab with Erik and Mohu with Ben and Robert I will be joining B-Corp NLMTD to help organisations with their innovation and business designs challenges and solve them with AI-powered solutions.  

    Pitchlab - AI Venture Studio

    Taking the leap of faith into the AI space with Erik and a growing network of smart people.  Together we are exploring and experimenting the possibilities of setting up a venture studio that builds an army of SME businesses with AI as our main driver. Current topics and niches we are exploring are:

    - Synthetic Users
    - The Synthetic Workforce
    - Future Scenarios
    - AI & the Innovation Process
    Please reach out if you want to talk about any of these topics or curious about more.

    Mohu  - Digital Avatar studio

    How is AI going to impact digital communication and your brand voice? The homogeneous user interface of Generative AI is ready to be disrupted!

    Because sure, I fell in love with GenAI for its brains but appearance matters too. The combination of these two can create a personality and identity. Which is key in the digital first world we are living in.

    With that vision in mind I joined forces with Ben and Robert to explore the world of Avatars and what the value of such an asset could be to brands.

    With Mohu Studios we build avatars. We want to be a trusted partner for the future of your brand presence.  

    The Fam 

    Doing my best to balance out work/life. Making sure you I am giving Kamila, us and the family the attention it deserves. As a Dad and Husband taking lots of inspiration from The Daily Dad.  

    The kids. They are growing up so fast..
    Rika is 7 and in 4th grade. Ynez is 9 and already in 7th grade. One of my alltime favorite bloggers, Tim Urban, of Whatbutwhy?! wrote an amazing post about The Tail End. This post made me realize how quick things go and that you have to cherish and enjoy every moment you have with your kids.  Must read when you have young kids! 

    This page is inspired by the /now page movement  of  Derek Sivers